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Review: Amsi Releases Remix Of “Sweet Sugar Spice” Alongside Avanti & Goldilocks!

New York-based songstress Amsi has amounted vast waves amongst the global music scene through her artistic creativity & charismatically unique musical style.

Not long ago, Amsi once again caught the attention of music lovers with the catchy summer anthem “Sweet Sugar Spice”, which received widespread praise from fans & critics alike.

Now, Amsi has teamed up alongside Avanti & Goldilocks to release the brand new remix of this 2020 anthem that combines both Desi and Latin flavour to create a colossal track that listeners will undoubtedly enjoy.

This latest release features a fiercely catchy instrumental that perfectly reflects the sassy energy that flows deep from the lyrical core of this incredible musical piece.

Amsi & Goldilocks create a harmonious experience that echoes the energetic nature of this song & embodies the charismatic spirit that flows throughout this track.

You can check out the remix of “Sweet Sugar Spice” on Spotify below.

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