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Review: Zara & Jessica Release The Break-Up Single “The Heart That Lies Bleeding”!

Singer-songwriter duo Zara & Jessica have unveiled the English version of their heartbreak single “Det hjärta som blöder” in the form of “The Heart That Lies Bleeding”.

Co-written alongside Ylva & Linda, Jonas Nilsson, & Dan Sjöberg, this song centres around the emotions faced when walking away from a relationship that hurts both parties, but in time you know it will be the best decision for both of you.

The song features an up-tempo country-influenced instrumental that carries a contemporary notion of heartfelt components that echo the lyrical sentiment of this musical composition.

Zara & Jessica deliver a stunningly pure vocal performance that showcases the natural essence behind their individually compelling vocal talents. Each verse is performed in a way that highlights the raw fragments behind this song, which enables listeners to instantly engage with the emotional aspect of this track.

You can check out “The Heart That Lies Bleeding” on Spotify below.

Zara & Jessica: Facebook / Instagram.

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