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Review: Katie Kittermaster Set To Release The Dreamy Pop Single “Out Of Love”!

Rising pop songstress Katie Kittermaster has swiftly caught the attention of music lovers through a host of passionately compelling releases that pulls at the heart of the most vulnerable human emotions.

With songs such as “You Needed Me” & “Friends” left grasping at the hearts of listeners everywhere, Katie looks to once again leave a lasting impression with the upcoming single “Out Of Love”, which is set to be released on June 18th.

Speaking about her forthcoming release, Katie said “Out of love is a track about realising a love you once knew has turned bitter and quite honestly boring..I think I’m safe to say this feeling was mutual thank god!! however it still sucked. it’s slightly less sad than most of my other songs so enjoy ha ha. Wow I can’t wait to perform this one live ahhhh.”

This upcoming release features a dreamy pop-influenced instrumental that plays host to a sonic aesthetic & dynamic percussion that perfectly centres around the lyrical enchantment of this compelling musical composition.

Katie delivers a majestically simplistic vocal performance that beautifully captures the raw emotion of this future-pop anthem. Each verse highlights the variety of textures within this gifted artist’s harmonious vocal range, which assists in producing another impassioned layer to this emotionally gripping track.

I believe that this song showcases the natural beauty & creativity behind Katie’s uniquely influencing musical style, which offers listeners the chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

It would be of no surprise to me if we see this song creating some serious waves in the very near future.

You can pre-save “Out Of Love” ahead of June 18th by clicking the link here.

Katie Kittermaster: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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