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Review: Brendan Murray Releases The Moving New Single “Deep Fake”!

Irish singer-songwriter & former member of boyband Hometown, Brendan Murray, has continued to win the hearts of music lovers through his distinctively unique vocal talents & memorable musical style.

After his journey with Hometown, Brendan went on to represent Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017, in Kyiv, with the emotionally compelling power ballad “Dying To Try”. 

In 2018, Brendan entered the 15th season of The X Factor UK. During his time on the show, Brendan received the safe seat during the six-seat challenge from Louis Tomlinson after his incredible rendition of R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts”, which ultimately led to him reaching the semi-finals.

Now, Brendan looks to once again touch the hearts of music lovers everywhere with the personally moving & heartfelt single “Deep Fake”. 

This latest release features a contemporary mid-tempo pop-influenced instrumental that carries a notion of naturally drawn out components that reflect the lyrical nature of this personally engaging musical composition.

Brendan delivers a perfectly sublime vocal performance that superbly echoes the emotional core of this attention-grabbing track, which allows listeners to experience a natural connection from the very first listen.

I personally believe that this single is a shining example of Brendan’s ever-evolving musical style & it would not surprise me to see this song creating waves in the foreseeable future.

You can check out “Deep Fake” on Spotify below. 

Brendan Murray: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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