Review: Liberty Butterworth Releases The Brand New Single “Chanel”!

Emerging London-based singer-songwriter Liberty Butterworth has caught the attention of music lovers globally through her smoothly engaging vocals & charismatically creative musical style.

Following on from the success of tracks “Another Day In Paradise” & “Golden Days” amongst fans & critics alike, Liberty has now released the brand new single “Chanel”.

This latest musical piece features an ear-catching pop-influenced instrumental that delicately reflects the lyrical components of this song & highlights the creative character behind this phenomenally talented songstress.

Liberty delivers a naturally pure vocal performance that showcases the unique quality within her tantalising vocals & captures the heartfelt essence this gifted artist possesses.

I believe Liberty continues to journey from one strength to another with every single she releases & I would not be surprised to see this artist making some monumental waves very shortly.

You can check out “Chanel” on Spotify below.

Liberty Butterworth: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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