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Review: Anie Delgado Releases The Brand New Single “Cloud9”!

Emerging pop singer-songwriter Anie Delgado has attracted the attention of music lovers everywhere through her freshly unique musical style & passion-filled vocal talent.

Following on from the recent success of singles such as “Dancing While The World Is On Fire” & “Daydream”, Anie looks to make waves once again with the emotionally captivating new single “Cloud9”.

Speaking about her latest release, Anie said “Growing up, I always felt out of place,” She continued “I have always dressed loud and eccentric. I was known for wearing high heels to school in middle and high school. I felt out of place so I wanted to make a statement. I wanted to create a world where I felt like I belonged.”

This latest release features an ear-catching pop-influenced instrumental that reflects the beautifully delicate elements behind the lyrical components of this compelling musical piece.

Anie delivers a sincerely engaging vocal performance that highlights the angelic undertones of her majestically captivating vocals while also echoing the natural emotive character that flows throughout this song.

I believe this song showcases the unique qualities behind Anie’s musical talent & magnetises the heartfelt components this gifted artist possesses. This is one artist to be watching out for during 2021!

You can check out the official video for “Cloud9” below or listen on Spotify by clicking here.

Anie Delgado: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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