Interview: Juna N Joey Discuss Their Latest Single “Something Good To Miss”!

Upcoming pop-country sibling duo Juna N Joey has recently released the highly anticipated brand new single “Something Good To Miss”.

This latest release is the lead single off the duo’s self-titled upcoming EP. Produced by Ken Royster (Luke Combs, ”Hurricane”), “Something Good to Miss” showcases the duo’s unique brand of pop-country. 

The upbeat, hopeful tune features an infectious melody, modern production that packs a punch, and Juna N Joey’s signature rich harmonies. 

Juna N Joey have kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about their latest musical release, along with getting to know more from the artists behind the music. Check out the full interview below. 

Hey, Juna N Joey Thank You for the interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourselves?

Juna: I am 16 years old and a country-pop, singer-songwriter from West Palm Beach, Florida. I play guitar, keyboards, and other instruments too!

Joey: Juna and I are brother and sister. I am 18 years old and I am also a singer-songwriter. I play acoustic/electric guitar, keyboards/piano, and saxophone.

When did you first find your passion for music?

Juna: I was four years old. After I watched an episode of “Little Rascals,” I saw the little girl sing “L.O.V.E.” made famous by Frank Sinatra. My parents then signed me up for voice lessons.

Joey: I went to one of Juna’s lessons when I was about eight years old and then I joined her in the lesson. The rest is history!

How did the idea to perform collectively come together?

Juna: We are always together. We both went to The School Of Rock and then we formed a rock band.

Joey: We then decided we preferred country and so we left that band and formed Juna N Joey. We then started to do covers on YouTube and our first was Brett Young. You could say he influenced us!

How would you describe your singing style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Juna: Well, I would say it’s heartfelt, country-pop with the production being as country as it can be while still being modern enough to appeal to our generation.

Joey: I feel that our music has an upbeat, positive vibe kind of feel to it!

You recently released the brand new single “Something Good To Miss” on April 9th. How did the idea for this song come together?

Juna: This particular song was just something we came up with while we were in the writing session. We wrote it with Bill DiLuigi and Kayliann Lowe. Bill shared what he thought the vibe of the song should be and Kayliann just threw some words out. Then we all just jumped in and we built it from there.

Joey: We developed the vibe of the song when we got into the room and our co-writers were so experienced that the process flowed really well. I usually come up with the melody and then Juna is best with the lyrics. The song was just an idea that grew as we worked together.

Did you always plan to release “Something Good To Miss” as a single?

Juna: It’s really hard to be objective with your own songs, so we usually leave the picking to our team. Our manager usually says “I love this one, it’s a great song” and we usually say, “I don’t know, is it really?” So, it’s hard because we write a lot of songs! Our manager always makes us see that what we are doing is good enough to share with the public. For our upcoming EP, she helped us pick songs that fit together to give the whole EP a vibe. We have written a lot more since then – we wrote “Something Good To Miss” when we were 14 and 16.

Joey: At first, it is hard to see these songs as radio-worthy, but after they are produced, it sounds so different and you can see it better. So the answer is not necessarily! Our style is still emerging – we are just being ourselves.

What does the song personally mean to you?

Juna: Something Good To Miss” is a song with a feel-good, positive energy. It describes that “tingly” feeling when love is new and you are separated by distance or circumstances. It’s about the butterflies you feel when anticipating seeing the person you love.  

Joey: I think the guitar solo is very catchy and it’s an upbeat song that’s great for the summer. It means to me that you can miss someone and that can be a positive experience.

If the listeners can take away something from this song, what would you like it to be?

Juna: No matter what you are missing due to the current circumstances of the world, it won’t last forever. I also hope listeners are reminded to stay positive because missing something also means that you will see that person or have that experience again and it will be that much better. Memories are a way to be close to someone or something that we will return to soon.

Joey: We chose this song because we thought the world was missing many aspects of normal life these days with everyone having to stay home and missing their loved ones.

This single is set to be the lead track from your Self-Titled EP. What can listeners expect from your forthcoming releases?

Juna: We cannot wait for listeners to hear the rest of this EP. We definitely saved the best for last!

Joey: We released this happy song first since the listeners need that right now – we all do! We’re saving the dramatic and deep ones for after summertime. We are definitely saving the best for last – I agree with that.

What are some things you enjoy in your free time?

Juna: I love to cook, and I paint sometimes. I also like to record music in my spare time and write songs.

Joey: I like to live a healthy lifestyle and work out a lot. We like to go boating and fishing, and we travel a lot. It’s difficult to find free time but we try!  

Finally, is there any message you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Juna: Keep a positive attitude because the pandemic will eventually end, and we will be back to normal. Also, please be kind to your siblings. Right, Joey? We would appreciate it if you would please follow, like, and share us on all platforms!

Joey: Yes, be nice to your big brother or little sister! Do what you love and use your time wisely. It’s important to stay positive and keep moving forward.

You can check out “Something Good To Miss” on Spotify below.

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