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Review: Lexi Jayde Releases The New Single “Running In Place”!

With over 6 million streams on Spotify alone, upcoming LA singer-songwriter Lexi Jayde has swiftly attracted the attention of music lovers everywhere through her vibrantly engaging vocal range & ear-catching musical creativity.

Now, this gifted artist has unveiled the brand new single “Running In Place” reflects on Lexi’s experiences navigating her future amidst an ever-changing teenage world during the Covid-19 pandemic. “I felt like I was stuck in the same place, nothing changing, doing the same thing over and over every morning…I felt as if I was standing still and just stuck,” she says. “That’s what this song is about – for people to know they’re not alone with those feelings and that we all have those days”.

This latest release features a soothing pop-influenced musical instrumental that beautifully apprehends the sentimentally engaging lyrical components that flow throughout this scientifically captivating single.

Lexi delivers a phenomenally compelling performance that highlights the immaculate trendiness within her angelic vocals & magnifies the intense emotion that features deep within the core of this incredible musical piece.

I believe this song lays the perfect foundation for Lexi to express her ever-evolving musical style & it would be no surprise to see this artist creating monumental waves within the music industry very shortly.

You can check out “Running In Place” on Spotify below.

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