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Review: Two Ways Home Release Re-Defined Version Of “Prove Me Wrong”!

Anglo/Austrian country/Americana duo Isabella MaK & Lewis Fowler, aka Two Ways Home, have continuously captivated the attention of music lovers everywhere through their vibrantly charismatic musical style & heavenly vocal essence.

Recently, Two Ways Home created waves with the release of the first reworked song from their trilogy of reimagined tracks in the form of “Conquer The World // Re-Explored”, which received high praise from fans & critics comparatively.

Now, this gifted duo is accompanying the success of their recent release with their second reworked musical piece “Prove Me Wrong // Re-Explored”.

This latest release features a more stripped-back acoustic temperament compared to the original, which brings an added layer of emotionally gripping effectiveness that highlights the raw characteristics within the lyrical core of this stunning single.

The way that Lewis & Isabella’s vocals fuse collectively help’s to showcase the dynamically captivating musical force they possess while also reflecting the distinctively mesmerising vocal tone they individually hold.

I believe this latest musical release is a true statement of the undeniable talent this duo possess by highlighting the raw passion-filled drive they control that resonates directly across to audiences from the very first listen.

You can check out the official video for “Prove Me Wrong // Re-Explored” below or listen via Spotify here.

Two Ways Home: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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