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Review: Bailey James Releases The New Single “Over You”!

Upcoming country songstress & member of The Highway Women, Bailey James, has accumulated the attention of music enthusiasts globally through her charismatically drawing musical style, which has received high praise from fans & critics simultaneously.

Following on from the immense success of her latest single, “Bitter”, alongside Mia Morris, Bailey looks set to create waves once again with the independence anthem “Over You”.

This latest country-rock composition features a notably engaging variation of guitar riffs that flawlessly accompany a contemporary notion of jazz-influenced piano notes that help to create an ear-catching melody.

The instrumental ideally reflects the lyrical components of this track by featuring a variety of compelling uptempo sentiments that symbolise the dramatic undertone this single possesses.

Bailey delivers a passion-filled performance that echoes the fiery energy that flows deep from the core of this musical piece & resembles the emotionally moving spirit & enthusiastic nature that ripples through this power-house track.

You can check out “Over You” on Spotify below.

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