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Review: Meghan Pulles Releases The Brand New Single “New Horizon”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Meghan Pulles has carried her fresh wave of creative lyricism & passion-filled vocals upon the music scene in the hope of empowering listeners through her heartfelt musical style.

Following on from her latest single “Ghost Of Sound”, Meghan has released the emotive new single “New Horizon” that was co-written alongside Craig Sayer.

Speaking about her latest single, Meghan said “This song is about finding hope in the dark spaces of life, which is something we can all relate to during this pandemic. My cowriter Craig and I originally wrote this song in a more dark space, but we discovered through the production and journey of the song that it really is a song about finding the newer hopeful chapters in our lives, and how we can convince others to take that perspective as well.”

This latest release features a mid-tempo musical instrumental that carries a variety of indie, folk, & country elements to create an ear-capturing sound that conveys the multitude of surfaces that flow deep throughout the lyrical core of this musical piece.

Meghan delivers a naturally sounding heartfelt vocal performance that reflects the lyrical undertone of this latest composition & reflects the pure emotion behind her artistic style.

I believe that Meghan possesses a truly magnetising musical gift that is full of pure soul & raw sentiment. There is no telling how far this artist’s creative talent could take her.

You can check out “New Horizon” on Spotify below.

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