Review: Tallie Gabriel Makes Her Solo Music Video Debut In “Story”!

Rising Brooklyn based folk singer-songwriter Tallie Gabriel recently caught the attention of listeners from across the globe with the heartfelt single “Story”.

1/4 of the folk group Cardboard Rocketship, Tallie’s unparalleled style is born from moments of tender vulnerability & is full of warm undertones packed with a delicate intimacy.

After the success of her latest single, Tallie has unveiled the official music video for “Story”, which officially marks her solo debut video release.

Speaking about her debut solo music video, Tallie said “We really wanted to explore the fairytale nature of the song by making the video look like something out of a dream or a storybook come to life.”

She continues “We let our imaginations run wild and Dave and Lea really captured all of my fantastical ideas for this song with the video!”

The music video features animation and direction by David Shaw, videography by James Northrup, art direction by Lea Marie Heller, choreography and movement direction by Myah Shein, and was produced and written by David Shaw and Lea Marie Heller of SWIFTBIRD PRODUCTIONS.

The official video features a diverse assortment of camera angles that help to reflect the fragile beauty behind the lyrical characteristics of this musical piece.

Through a multitude of medium-long shots, long shots, & close-ups, this video establishes a strong narrative that perfectly parallels the heartfelt core of this sentimentally moving track.

This video contains a heavy yellow, orange, blue, & green colour scheme that flawlessly resembles the fairytale narrative behind this uniquely charismatic music video by delivering a sense of warmth that listeners can resonate with on a personal level.

You can check out the official video for “Story” below.

Tallie Gabriel: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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