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Review: Two Ways Home Release Re-Explored Version Of “Conquer The World”!

Upcoming country/Americana duo Two Ways Home are an Anglo/Austrian duo who have continued to spread their character-filled musical style throughout the global music scene, which has found them swiftly winning over the hearts of their ever-growing fan base.

Disheartened by the cancellation of their 2020 tour, Two Ways Home’s Lewis Fowler and Isabella MaK have set their minds to re-creating 3 fan-favourites from their debut album ‘Break The Silence’, with the first being “Conquer The World”.

The original version of “Conquer The World” contains a heavily influenced country-Americana instrumental that incorporates a number of folk & indie elements that helps to create a warm & feel-good vibe that you could easily listen to for hours on end.

In this rendition, you encounter a more energetic up-tempo melody that includes a substantial country influence, which immediately grabs your complete attention.

Throughout this re-worked version, there is an added electric guitar element that perfectly echoes the uplifting spirit the flows throughout the lyrical aspect of this track.

One thing that mirrors the original version is the naturally heartfelt vocal performance this dynamic duo delivers, which a true statement to their unique musical identities.

Overall, this rendition captures the uplifting factor of the original, while bringing a new wave of energetic passion, which creates an added emotive layer to this stunning track.

You can check out the re-worked edition of “Conquer The World” on Spotify below.

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