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Review: Amsi Releases The Official Video For Her Latest Single “Cry”!

New York-based songstress Amsi has been dazzling listeners with her passionately heartfelt artistic style & dynamically captivating vocals, which has swiftly attracted attention on a global scale.

With her previous single “Jeete Raho” making a lasting impression of the music scene, Amsi is now set to capture the hearts of listeners with the emotionally grabbing new single “Cry”.

Speaking about her latest single, Amsi said “’Cry’ was written around this time last year, when I was feeling overwhelmed by the world. There were many instances in the past where I was told I was too sensitive or too emotional. But now, especially in this past year, I realized that crying doesn’t mean I am weak, it means that I am processing & growing. I hope people find comfort in knowing that it’s okay to cry too.”

This latest single provides a contemporary pop musical instrumental that beautifully echoes the moving qualities within the lyrics & carries across the raw spirit that features deep within the emotional core of this sensational musical piece.

Amsi produces a mesmerising performance that portrays the delicate emotive purity within the song & highlights the soothing tone that lies within her breathtaking vocals.

The official video was purely filmed via an iPhone & features several neutral grey tones throughout its shots that help reflect the fundamental characteristics of the song.

Another quality factor about this video is the contrast between mid-close ups & close-ups that perfectly reflect the emotion of the song & allow you to feel a naturally engaging connection.

You can check out the official video for “Cry” below or listen via Spotify here.

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