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Review: Albina Showcases Passion-Filled Vocals On “Tick-Tock”!

Photo: Borna Hržina.

After finishing in third place on The Voice Hrvatska, upcoming Croatian singer Albina Grčić has swiftly created waves throughout the music scene with her ear-catching pop musical style & passion-filled vocals.

Not long ago, Albina competed in the music competition Dora 2021 that decides Croatia’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, in Rotterdam, where she ended being victorious. 

The song that Albina won the selection with & will be performing on the Eurovision stage is the sassy pop anthem “Tick-Tock”.

This latest single centres around breaking free from a relationship where you constantly feel put-down & are manipulated to believe the lies the other person continually tells you. 

The song carries a contemporary pop hook that quickly builds towards the first chorus to generate a compelling musical impression that grabs your full attention. 

Each verse carries numerous lyrical notions that many of us can relate to on a deeply personal level, which helps to create a connection with audiences from the first listen.

Albina delivers a vibrantly passion-filled performance that echoes the pulsing energy that flows throughout this song & showcases the natural power within her phenomenally compelling vocals.

You can check out the official video for “Tick-Tock” below or listen on Spotify here.

Albina: Facebook / Instagram.

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