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Review: Eleri Angharad Releases The Brand New Single “Delete It”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Eleri Angharad has continued to spread her magically heartfelt & attention-grabbing musical style to listeners all around the world, which has promptly received high commendation from supporters & critics simultaneously.

After the huge success of singles such as “Blank Walls” & “New Sin” receiving over 300,000 Spotify streams combined, Eleri is set to take the music world by storm once again with the emotive new single “Delete It”.

Produced by Lee House & co-written alongside Write Like A Girl founder Beth Keeping, this latest release centres around the fears & anxiety that hinder us from experiencing how we truly feel.

Speaking about her latest release, Eleri said “Delete It is a piano led track about anticipation. I explore my own feelings of anticipation and anxiety around a WhatsApp conversation, debating whether to send or delete the message “I Love You.” It’s a reflection of how current society currently lives, sending endless messages but not being able to express yourself fully without that human interaction. “

This latest single features an emotionally-filled backing track full of moody & dark undertones that reflect the emotional core of the lyrical aspect of this moving musical piece.

The lyrics contain a number of intensely relatable verses that flow straight from the heart of this song, which connects with you directly on a purely heartfelt level.

Eleri produces an enchanting vocal performance that captures the natural spirit of this latest composition & showcases the artistic creativity & heartfelt compassion that lies within her extraordinary musical talent.

You can check out “Delete It” on Spotify below or purchase on iTunes here.

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