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Review: Natalia Gordienko Releases The New Single “Sugar”!

Moldovan musician Natalia Gordienko has attracted the attention of listeners across the globe through her vibrantly charismatic musical style, which has received high praise from fans & critics alike. 

In 2020, Natalia was selected for the second time to represent Moldova at the Eurovision Song Contest, in Rotterdam, with the song “Prison”. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the contest was sadly cancelled.

After the cancellation of the contest, it was declared that Natalia would alternatively be representing Moldova in the 2021 edition of the competition instead with the song “Sugar”, which has now been unveiled. 

This latest release centres around a woman who is taken over with raw-desire, which is told through a variety of cleverly distinguishing lyrical metaphors of craving something sweet. 

The song contains a mesmerising pop hook that reflects the sassy charisma behind the lyrical quality of this ear-catching musical composition.

This track contains an unmistakable tone that perfectly reflects the unique identity behind Natalia’s musical style, which allows listeners the chance to see more of the artistic nature behind this talented artist.

Natalia produces an individually distinctive vocal performance that parallels the passionate energy behind the songs & showcases the unique quality within her characteristic vocals. 

You can check out the official video for “Sugar” below or listen via Spotify here. 

Natalia Gordienko: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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