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Review: Laeeqa Releases The Brand New Single “Reflection”!

Manchester-based R&B artist Laeeqa has caught the attention of music lovers through her emotionally drawing musical style & soulfully delicate vocals.

With singles such as “She Said” & “Remedies” making an impression on the music scene, this gifted artist is set to make waves once again with the brand new single “Reflection”.

This latest release is dedicated to everyone who may be struggling with their mental health & self-worth, to remind them that they are more than good enough.

The single is based on Laeeqa’s own mental health journey, written spontaneously with inspiration from her brother playing a couple of chords on his guitar (that he only began to learn a month ago!), leading into something that is entirely inspiring and hopeful.

The song features an atmospheric synth & a strong drum beat that reflects the emotive power that flows throughout the lyrical aspect of this musical piece.

This song presents Laeeqa with the chance to showcase the smooth & gentle textures behind her stunningly vibrant vocal talents, while still delivering a powerful performance that reflects the passionate energy she possesses.

I believe Laeeqa has a very exciting musical career ahead of her & I would not be surprised to see this artist creating an influential impact in the near future.

You can check out “Reflection” on Spotify below.

Laeeqa: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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