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Review: Alina Smith Releases The Empowering New Single “Breakfast”!

Russian-American singer-songwriter & producer Alina Smith has captured the hearts of music lovers through her vibrantly heartfelt & passion-filled musical style.

Following on from the recent success of her previous solo release “Girl That Was Perfect”, Alina now looks set make an impact on the music scene with her brand new single “Breakfast”.

Speaking about her latest single, Alina said “To me, “Breakfast” is all about overcoming negativity and transmuting it into something that builds you up as a person and helps you grow.”

“As an immigrant and a woman in a predominantly male profession, I’ve faced plenty of instances of someone doubting my value. But over time I’ve learned to “eat it all up”: embrace the lessons within the hate and allow it to make me stronger.”

This latest release features a captivating pop/R&B instrumental that perfectly reflects the empowering energy behind the lyrical aspect of this incredibly powerful musical composition.

Alina delivers an expressive passion-packed vocal performance that flawlessly signifies the raw essence behind this fiercely ear-catching song & showcases the unique characteristics behind her truly astonishing vocals.

You can check out the lyric video for “Breakfast” below or listen via Spotify here.

Alina Smith: Twitter / Instagram.

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