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Review: Emilia Quinn Celebrate’s The Diversity Of International Women’s With The Inspiring New Single “Girl Talk”!

Upcoming country singer-songwriter Emilia Quinn has joined forces alongside 22 other female-identifying artists to collaborate on the inspiring new single “Girl Talk” to coincide with International Women’s Day.

This latest musical piece lyrically pokes fun at the stereotypes and common issues women face, including casual sexism, being ghosted, & the expectation to fit a certain aesthetic.

The song contains an ear-catching country-rock instrumental that perfectly reflects the empowering nature behind the lyrical characteristics of this incredible musical release.

Each vocalist adds a unique layer to this passion-filled musical composition, which perfectly symbolises the powerful essence behind the lyrics this song possesses.

Despite the serious undertone, this song features a variety of upbeat components that create a naturally inspiring feel-good vibe, which listeners can easily connect to on a personally heartfelt level.

You can check out “Girl Talk” on Spotify below or purchase iTunes here.

Emilia Quinn: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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