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Review: Niki DeMar Releases The Heartfelt New Single “Messy Room”!

Singer-songwriter/YouTuber Niki DeMar has caught the attention of global music enthusiasts through her vibrantly heartfelt musical style & naturally magnetic vocal talents.

With singles such as “Sad Holiday”, “Alone In My Car”, & “Bite Of Me” respectively making an impact on the music scene, Niki is now set to capture the hearts of music fans once again with the new single “Messy Room”.

This latest release features a variety of lyrical metaphors that reflect the times we choose to hide away & avoid the problems that are clearly in front of us.

The song features an early 2000s soulful-pop inspired backing track that captures the raw essence behind the lyrical components of this heart-connecting musical piece.

Niki delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that perfectly symbolises the personally emotive energy within the song & highlights the sentimental tones behind her distinctive vocals.

You can check out “Messy Room” on Spotify below or listen via iTunes by clicking here.

Niki DeMar: Twitter / Instagram / YouTube.

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