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Review: Gabby Patrice & Josey Join Forces To Release The Pop Anthem “Our Year”!

Nashville based singer-songwriters Gabby Patrice & Josey have teamed up to combine their fiercely unique musical styles to generate the brand new uptempo pop anthem “Our Year”!

Speaking about their latest release, Josey said “The song is about having a positive outlook when faced with adversity and still pushing through and making the best out of your situation. Like no matter what we are making our dreams come though and we are standing up for what’s right and we are not backing down!”

This latest release features a memorably mesmerising musical instrumental that reflects the energy behind the influentially feel-good lyrical characteristics of this incredible musical piece.

The lyrics feature a combination of pure passion-filled spirit & sassy energy to create a relatably encouraging force that resonates directly across to listeners to help create a natural connection from the very first listen.

Gabby & Josey deliver a phenomenally captivating vocal performance that reflects the purely heartfelt nature behind the song & showcases the distinctive factors within each of their ear-catching vocal talents.

You can check out “Our Year” on Spotify below or purchase on iTunes by clicking here.

Gabby Patrice: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Josey: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instragram.

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