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Review: Charlotte Grayson Set To Release The Brand New Single “Coffee”!

Upcoming UK singer-songwriter Charlotte Grayson has been captivating the attention of music lovers everywhere with her charismatic musical style & vibrantly ear-catching vocals.

Charlotte now looks to captures the hearts of music fans once again with the forthcoming single “Coffee”, which will be gracing airwaves from February 12th.

This upcoming release takes the unusual approach of turning a break-up inspired track into an uptempo acoustic pop anthem that could be an early contender for your summer playlists.

The backing instrumental features a variety of uptempo pop components that fuse together to create an ear-catching melody that perfectly embodies the lyrical elements of this memorable song.

Charlotte delivers a delightfully captivating performance that reflects the raw-sentimental nature of the lyrics & showcases the unique textures that feature within her vocals.

You can check out “Coffee” from February 12th, Until then you can listen to Charlotte’s previous singles below.

Charlotte Grayson: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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