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Review: Harriet Rose Releases The Brand New Single “Love Me Like That”!

Upcoming UK singer-songwriter Harriet Rose has swiftly captured the hearts of country & Americana fans around the world with her distinctively unique musical style & powerhouse vocals.

Harriet now looks to draw the attention of music lovers once again with the heart-touching single “Love Me Like That” that focuses on the emotional challenges faced during a one-sided relationship where you constantly feel mistreated & undervalued.

This song contains a sentimentally moving country backing instrumental that highlights the raw characteristics behind the lyrical aspect of this musical piece, which offers listeners the chance to experience a full sense of pure engagement from the very first listen.

Harriet delivers an angelic powerhouse performance that signifies the heartfelt tendencies within this song & showcases the incredible vocal range she possesses.

You can check out “Love Me Like That” on Spotify below.

Harriet Rose: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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