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Interview: Jade Helliwell Releases The Brand New Single “Telephone”!

Rising UK country-pop musician Jade Helliwell has been creating waves throughout the current music scene with her angelic vocals & emotional musical creativity that has led to this gifted artist receiving over 250,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Jade has now released the heart-touching new song “Telephone” that is a moving tribute to her grandma who sadly passed away during 2019. Feeling her absence more than ever on Christmas day, Jade dealt with her first close experience of loss the best way she knows how through her music. With the passing of her Grandad in June of this year, she revisited the song & it became a sort of letter to her grandparents, telling them how she was feeling having to navigate life without them.

This song features a moving country-pop backing track that expresses the sentimental nature behind the heartfelt lyrical aspect of this truly phenomenal musical piece.

Jade delivers a stunning vocal performance that reflects the passionate essence of the song & brings the raw-emotive nature behind the single to centre stage for the duration of this release.

I believe that this song highlights the unique creativeness behind this gifted artist & presents her with the chance to deliver a stand-out performance that showcases her ear-catching vocal abilities.

You can check out “Telephone” on Spotify below.





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