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Review: Charlotte Young Set To Release The Brand New Single “Praying For Rain”!

Chart-topping UK country singer-songwriter Charlotte Young is about to release the moving brand new single “Praying For Rain” on the 20th November 2020.

This forthcoming single features insperation from an episode of One Tree Hill, Charlotte says ’I wanted to write something from the perspective of one of the characters…I know how upsetting it can be during a breakup and rewrote the verses into a story’.

She continued “After such an exciting year I am really looking forward to releasing my brand new single. I wanted to show my love for a power ballad and hope that everyone enjoys something that incorporates familiarity but with something new and my own spin on love and loss…

This song features a moving country backing track that perfectly expresses the emotional nature behind the lyrics & captures the heartfelt essence that flows throughout this moving musical piece.

Charlotte produces a sublime performance that highlights the delicate textures that feature deep within her extraordinary voice.

I believe that each verse presents Charlotte with a golden opportunity to express the raw-simplistic nature that her vocals possess, which allows listeners to engage with the song on a sincere level.

You can pre-order “Praying For Rain” on Spotify by clicking here.





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