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Review: Eleri Angharad Releases The Brand New Single “New Sin”!

Upcoming Swansea-based country-pop musician Eleri Angharad has been making her presence known within the current music scene with her creative musical artistry.

Eleri made waves with the critically acclaimed album ‘Earthbound’ & the heartfelt single “Blank Walls”, which was released earlier this year.

Now, this gifted artist is about to create a huge buzz again with the brand new haunting track “New Sin”.

Speaking about her latest release, Eleri said “It’s about the thrill of two lovers, locking eyes and beginning a steamy love affair. I’ve spent many a night out in Sin City and always catch myself observing and soaking in the atmosphere, capturing snapshots of peoples’ lives, in-between a few drinks and dancing – of course.”

She continued “It’s a love lesson to characters that should know better. Does it become a one-night stand or blossom into something more? I’ll leave that for you to decide.”

This latest release features a mesmerising pop melody that is full of seductive elements that perfectly reflect the alluring lyrical nature behind the song.

Eleri delivers a phenomenal vocal performance that brings the moody lyrical components behind the track to centre stage for the full duration of this ear-catching musical piece.

This song is another stunning composition from this profoundly imaginative artist & highlights the creative spirit that Eleri possesses. I don’t think that it will be long before we see this song making an impact.

You can check out “New Sin” on Spotify below.





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