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Review: Racyne Parker Releases The Brand New Single “Fall Too Easy”!

Born & raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon, upcoming singer-songwriter Racyne Parker has been paving the way throughout the current music scene with her ear-catching musical style that has attracted recognition from fans & critics alike.

With a number of stunning tracks already featuring within her musical discography, Racyne is about to create waves once more with the brand new single “Fall Too Easy”.

Speaking about her latest release, Racyne said “I loved writing the lyrics to this song, giving little nods toward the women of songs that I loved listening to growing up. And when it came to recording it, I wanted to delve into emotions and a moodiness that I haven’t ever shared before. With the help of some friends, I think we really made something special.”  

This latest single carries a vibrant simplicity that comprehends the shire beauty within Racyne’s passionate & angelic voice, which enables this gifted performer with an opportunity to bring the lyrical journey behind the song to centre stage for the full duration of this captivating release.

I believe that this piece elegantly reflects the artistic creativity that this gifted musician possesses & presents listeners with the chance to feel a raw & honest connection from the very first listen.

You can check out “Fall Too Easy” on Spotify below.





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