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Review: Writer’s Rain Set To Release The Brand New Single “Eleanor”!

Upcoming Bristol & York-based singer-songwriter, Writer’s Rain, is scheduled to release her brand new single “Eleanor” on October 30th.

Speaking about her forthcoming musical release, she said “When I was a teenager a friend of mine casually said the words ‘I hate it when fat girls call themselves curvy, it’s like ew no you’re just fat’. These words stuck with me to a profound and painful extent, especially hearing them at such a formative time. Having grown exponentially since then, ‘Eleanor’ came about as a form of self reliant closure and a simultaneous plea for compassion and awareness when choosing words. It is everything I didnt know I could have said at the time and everything I have needed to say since.”

This song features a tender & moving backing track that perfectly accompanies alongside the heartfelt lyrical journey that features throughout this ear-catching musical creation, which enables this gifted musician the chance to produce an artistic display that highlights the natural creativity that she possesses.

This artist delivers a superb heartwarming vocal performance that beautifully reflects the fragile nature behind the lyrics, which offers listeners the chance to engage with the song on a personal level.

Until the official release of “Eleanor” you can find Writer’s Rain on Spotify below.





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