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Review: Niki DeMar Releases The Brand New Single “Bite Of Me”!

Viral music star Niki DeMar has been creating waves within the music scene with her distinctive musical style & relatable tracks.

Now, this gifted artist is presenting a new side to her incredible style in the form of the emotionally moving song “Bite Of Me”.

This latest release centres around learning to focus on putting yourself first & changing the people-pleasing mindset that can lead us into making decisions that continuously prioritise everyone us, instead of ourselves.

This single features a haunting melody that perfectly symbolises the lyrical journey behind the song, which presents this talented artist with the chance to deliver a raw & heartfelt performance that brings the soulful core within this track to life.

The lyrics feature a variety of emotional elements that can connect with many of us in one way or another, which makes way for listeners to feel an instant sense of engagement to the touching nature behind the song.

Niki delivers a dramatic vocal performance that reflects the soulful spirit that the song possesses, which enables listeners to see more from the artist behind the music.

I believe that this single is another enchanting chapter from this gifted artist’s ever-evolving natural musical talent & is a strong statement to the undeniable creative spirit that she possesses.

You can check out the official video for “Bite Of Me” below.





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