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Review: Janet Devlin Releases Official Video For “Better Now”!

Singer-songwriter Janet Devlin has released the official video for the single “Better Now”, taken from her recent critically acclaimed album ‘Confessional’.

The song “Better Now” is the latest to receive the visual treatment from the album ‘Confessional’, and was the heartfelt project of an incredible team that included legendary cinematographer Sir Franz Pagot, director Katya Ganfeld (who has directed Janet’s last four videos), plus a crew local to Gortin, NI where the video was filmed.

This song features a delicate, yet fundamental backing track that flawlessly flows alongside the emotionally hard-hitting lyrics, which enables you to feel a personal connection from the very first listen.

Janet delivers a stunning angelic vocal performance that captures the passion & emotion that feature deep within the core of the song, by displaying a natural sense of sincerity that brings the journey behind the lyrics to life.

The official video is beautifully symbolic to the raw-emotional spirit that underlines this truly heart-touching track, by combining the sentimental nature behind the lyrics with a raw & personal video, which perfectly reflects Janet’s unique musical style.

The use of camera angles within this video help’s to capture the nature of the lyrics in visual form, by including a clear horizon of shots that firmly establish the emotional aspects that feature within the song.

Each of Janet’s music videos tells an individual & personal story, which allows you to see more from the artist behind the music. This video is no different from that chain, by including several aspects that mean a great deal to Janet, which help’s to add another emotive layer to this already moving song.

You can check out the official video below.





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