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Review: Bailey Coats Releases The Brand New Single “Stranger Things”!

Following on from the viral success of her ear-catching track “SNACK”, rising Alabama music sensation Bailey Coats has released the brand new single “Stranger Things”!

This latest release comes along with her upcoming performance at Alabama’s Lyric Theatre for their $500,000 fundraiser to help save the theatre.

Speaking about her latest release, Bailey said “‘Stranger things’ is about having a renewed perception of your future. We all experience seasons of life where we feel like we are simply going through the motions and 2020 has been that season for so many of us. We are alive, but we aren’t truly living. But, despite every hardship, there is always hope for the future, new beginnings, and new seasons.”

This latest release is a catchy uptempo pop-influenced track that carries a feel-good vibe, which will instantly capture your full attention.

The song displays a charming backing track that contains elements of pop & R&B, which notably travels alongside the lyrical journey that this song centres around.

Bailey delivers a joyous vocal performance that beautifully reflects the energy behind the song, as well as showcasing the angelic textures that feature deep within her naturally lovely voice.

This song carries a variety of different factors that has the ability to reach out to a number of different target audiences, which allows a large number of people to experience the artistic creativity that this artist possesses.

You can check out “Stranger Things” on Spotify below.




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