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Review: ÊMIA Releases The Brand New Single “Needy Desperate Manic”!

ÊMIA is a Brooklyn-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer originally from Madison, Wisconsin, who has just released the brand new single “Needy Desperate Manic”.

This latest release in an uptempo number that focuses on the Romantique character we can become when we start to catch feelings for somebody new.

Speaking about her latest single, ÊMIA said “I wrote this one afternoon last summer with my friend Sam Bierman. We were having a session in my room, but I was extremely distracted by instagram (hardcore stalking my crush and trying to figure out who he was hanging out with last night). I was feeling pretty out of my mind, but also kinda happy because I just liked this person so much. I told Sam all about it and we wanted to write something that was “instantly fun” that celebrated that chaotic feeling of starting to fall for someone.”

She proceeded “I continued tweaking the verses and choruses as we played the song at different shows in NYC (back in the olden days haha). Then over quarantine, I sent the song over to Charlie (also known for his artist projects Charlie and Duumu) so he could add his production magic to it. Listening back to this song always makes me think of the anxiety I feel when I’m walking through Manhattan lower-east side.”

The song features a fun & feel-good vibe that features throughout the full duration of the song, which help’s to bring the story behind the track to centre stage.

The backing track perfectly highlights the lyrical aspect behind the song, which allows listeners to feel an instant connection to this phenomenal musical piece.

I believe that ÊMIA delivers a stunning performance that showcases her incomparable vocal ability & highlights the ear-catching elements that feature within her characteristic voice.

There is something extraordinary about this artist’s creative musical talent & I would not be surprised to see her creating a massive impact on the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Needy Desperate Manic” on Spotify below.




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