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Review: Sarah J Releases The Brand New Single “Magnificent”!

Photo by Callum Dickinson Photography.

Sarah J is an upcoming singer-songwriter from Liverpool, who has recently released the enchanting new single “Magnificent”!

Speaking about her latest release, Sarah said “I wrote this song during a stressful time in life. It’s a song all about my own little fairy tale. I wrote the song myself and I also decided I was going to record and produce it. The whole song is written and produced from the heart and that’s what makes it so special to me.”

The song features a mesmerising fairytale style backing track, which beautifully aligns alongside the mystic elements behind the lyrics, to create an ear-catching musical piece.

This single presents Sarah with a golden opportunity to deliver a vocal performance that help’s to bring the lyrical aspect behind the song to life, by using the natural undertone behind her voice to reflect the raw nature behind the lyrics.

You can check out the official video for “Magnificent” below & on Spotify by clicking here.




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