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Review: Kirstie Kraus Releases The Brand New Single “What Love Does”!

Kirstie Kraus is a Wisconsin native, now Nashville based singer-songwriter, who has just released her brand new single “What Love Does”!

This latest release was co-written alongside Scott Barrier & Donna De Sopo, & focuses on the rush of emotions you experience when you begin to fall for someone.

This single features a catchy mid-tempo country-pop backing track that wonderfully symbolises the heartfelt emotions & sentiments that feature throughout the lyrical journey of the song, which allows listeners to instantly-engage on a personal level.

Kirstie delivers a stunning vocal performance that highlights the pure delicacy behind her beautiful vocals, which help’s to showcase the incredible vocal control that this gifted artist possesses.

If you are looking for a catchy feel-good Romantique country song, then I guarantee that this is going to be the perfect song for you!

You can check out “What Love Does” on Spotify below.





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