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Review: Donna Marie Songs Releases The Single “This World”!

North-west of England based singer-songwriter Donna Marie Songs has released the brand new single titled “This World”.

Speaking about her latest release, Donna said “I remember exactly where I was when I wrote this song. I had been rehearsing with my band at my bass players studio and they took a break. An hour later they came back and I had written two new songs, both of which were recorded and later included on my EP”.

This latest release is a mid-tempo country track that is jam-packed full of emotional components that flow throughout the lyrical journey behind the song.

Donna delivers a harmonious vocal performance that beautifully resembles the moving elements behind the song & highlights the natural undertone that she possesses.

This single also helps to showcase Donna incredible musicianship, along with her phenomenal production skills, which allows listeners the chance to see more from the artist behind the music.

You can check out “This World” on Spotify below.





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