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Review: Claire Radel Releases The Brand New Single “Like You Love Me”!

Photo: Claire Radel Website.

Upcoming IN/Nashville based country-pop singer-songwriter Claire Radel has released the brand new single titled “Like You Love Me”!

Speaking about her latest single, Claire said “This piece is a very chill yet melancholic song, that I think anyone who has been through a breakup or has been lead on can relate to. For me writing this was so much fun since I was able to explore a new genre of music.”

She continued “With it being my first pop-song I really wanted to capture the uniqueness of my vocals and honest lyrics. For me, this song is one that takes you on a journey, and tells a story of what’s it’s like going through a breakup and how that can affect someone’a way of thinking. Hence the line in the bridge “You’re still in my head and I’m wondering what could be wrong with me”. Where the singer is questioning who they are and how they were lead to believe that the person they were with actually loved them.”

This latest release is an emotional filled mid-tempo pop number that showcases the raw energy behind Claire’s angelic vocals & brings the passionate strength within this artist, to centre stage.

The lyrics help Claire to explore the emotional elements within her vocals & deliver a heartfelt performance that allows listeners to see more from the artist behind the music.

This single is an easy listening song that you could listen to on repeat for hours on end & still enjoy as much as you did after the first listen.

Claire has a very bright musical career ahead & it won’t be long before we see her creating an influential impact on the music world.

You can check out “Like You Love Me” on Spotify below.





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