Review: Janet Devlin Releases The Brand New Album ‘Confessional’!

Northen Irish singer-songwriter Janet Devlin has just released her brand new album ‘Confessional’, alongside her autobiography, ‘My Confessional’.

This album provides listeners with a moving insight into the journey that Janet has travelled through within her career & personal life so far.

Each song features elements of pop & Irish-folk that fuse-together to create several ear-catching songs that magnitude the evolving essence behind every track.

Every song features a unique quality that symbolises a piece of Janet’s life, which brings a sense of honesty & intimacy that connects with you from the very first listen.

The album is full of raw-heartfelt emotion that highlights the delicate nature behind this artist’s magically touching vocals & showcases the enchanting energy that she possesses.

Overall, Janet has created an album full of emotionally expressive songs that showcases her incredible creative musical gift & the stunning vocals that she holds within.
I believe that Janet should be incredibly proud of this album & the journey she has taken so far. It won’t be long before we see this latest release creating an impact on the current music scene.

You can check out the full album on Spotify below.





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