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Review: Abigail Neilson Set To Release The Brand New Single “Ruby”!

Upcoming Seattle-based country-pop artist Abigail Neilson is set to release the brand new single “Ruby” on May 8th 2020.

Speaking about her upcoming single, Abigail said “Ruby is a heartwarming coming of age song that exemplifies the frustrations of being a teenager, as well as the typical friendship between two sisters. The song paints the picture of what it looks like to be so young yet feel like you know everything you need to know about the world. Throughout the song, lessons of heartbreak with relationships are talked about with the lyrics following, “this is my advice,” along with the reassurance that everything will turn out okay in the end.”

This single is a catchy mid-tempo country track that presents this talented artist with the chance to showcase the charismatic energy that features within her incredible vocals.

Abigail delivers an enthusiastic performance that highlights the natural connection between herself & the lyrics, which enables listeners the chance to see the unique creativity that this artist possesses.

The originality that Abigail displays throughout this single is a true statement to her astonishing musical talent & lays down a solid foundation for a bright musical career.

If you are looking for a feel-good country anthem that you could listen to on repeat for hours on end, then this is going to be the perfect song for you.

UPDATE: You can now check out “Ruby” on Spotify below.





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