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Review: Elizabeth Gerardi Releases The Brand New Single “Early 20’s”!

Upcoming country singer-songwriter Elizabeth Gerardi has released the brand new single titled “Early 20’s”!

Speaking about her latest single, Elizabeth said “I wrote this song about my experience trying to “make it” in Nashville, but I wrote it in a way that I think anyone can relate to regardless of what dreams their chasing. Like so many others, I thought that in your early 20’s you should have everything figured out. When for most people that is not the reality at all. It’s a scary time trying to find out where your going to go, and if you’re going to be successful. But at the same time, your 20’s are your prime, and that’s the time you want to have it all figured out! I wrote this song by myself and it’s probably the most vulnerable song I’ve written. In the second verse I mention my mom already begging me for grandchildren, which is so true. (I could’ve given birth yesterday and it wouldn’t be soon enough haha!) and I’m proud of the line “don’t want to spend my life in a kitchen” and that’s my way of saying, while I do want to be a mom someday, I have other dreams that I need to achieve first.”

This latest release is a country-ballad that builds towards the choruses to reflect the passionate-emotive energy that features deep within the core of the lyrics.

Elizabeth delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that brings the lyrics behind the song to centre stage, by using the raw & gentle elements within her voice to reflect the heart-touching meaning behind the song.

This song has shown the creative nature behind this talented artist, by presenting her with the chance to explore the purity within her musical abilities, which enables listeners with an opportunity to feel an honest connection from the very first listen.

You can check out “Early 20’s” on Spotify below.





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