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Review: Alice Lynskey Releases The Brand New Single "Love To Heal"!

Rising music sensation Alice Lynskey has released the brand new single titled “Love To Heal”!

Speaking about her latest release, Alice said “Its called “Love to Heal” and is about our world where social media, media outlets and our peers, can sometimes seem to dictate their idea of how our lives “should be”, it can seem very isolating to forge your own path. “Love to Heal” is a song dedicated to those people we all need in our lives, whom we can always count upon for unconditional love and support.

This latest single features an upbeat backing track with a poignant message to tell.

The story behind the song allows Alice to deliver a moving & vibrant performance that showcases the unique qualities behind her distinctive musical style, which presents listeners with the chance to feel an instant sense of engagement to the song.

The country element behind the backing track expresses the charismatic tone behind Alice’s vocals & allows this talented artist to show a new side to her evolving musical style.

You can check out “Love To Heal” on Spotify below.




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