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Review: Niall Horan Releases The Brand New Album ‘Heartbreak Weather’!

Following-up from his first studio album ‘Flicker’ & the success of recent singles “Nice To Meet Ya” & “No Judgement”. Irish music sensation Niall Horan has now released the brand new album titled ‘Heartbreak Weather’!

This latest album allows Niall to express his ever-evolving musical style by delivering 14 pop-influenced tracks that create a genuine impact from the very first listen. 

In this vibrant musical collection, Niall allows you to take an emotive journey through the eyes of someone taking a nostalgic look at yours or someone else’s life. Through love & loss, this album covers the experiences each of us has felt during our journey so far. 

A number of my personal favourites include “Nice To Meet Ya”, “Black And White”, “Everywhere”, & “No Judgement”. Although I could happily listen to this album without skipping over any of the songs featured. 

While listening to this album, you feel an instant sense of calm & clarity through the pure & heartfelt emotion that flows within each of the tracks featured. An example of this is while listening to “Everywhere”, you can feel the gut-wrenching pain of feeling that the person you loved & lost is still everywhere you go. 

Overall, I believe that Niall has delivered a vibrant collection that showcases his individuality as an artist & allows you to see more from the person behind the music.

If you are looking for a pop-filled album full of emotive energy, then this is perfect for you! 

You can check out the full album on Spotify below. 

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