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Review: Abbi Scott Releases The Brand New EP ‘This.Is.Me.’!

Upcoming singer/songwriter Abbi Scott has released the brand new EP titled ‘This.Is.Me.’!

This latest release features 5-tracks that heavily feature a variety of southern-rock & soulful elements that help to highlight the sultry undertones behind Abbi’s ear-catching vocals. 

Each song allows listeners to dive into Abbi’s musical world & see the charismatic & creative energy that this gifted artist holds.

Abbi’s vocals feature a mixture of raw & heartfelt emotive elements that help to capture the energy & story behind each song. 

This EP paves way for Abbi to deliver several expressive performances that showcase her original musical style & the creative artistic talent that she possesses. 

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below. 

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