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Review: Rivita Releases The Brand New Single “Someone Else’s Arms”!

Upcoming Los Angeles based writer, producer and audio engineer Rivita has released the brand new single “Someone Else’s Arms”!

Set to appear on her upcoming EP ‘I Believe’ in early 2020, this latest release centres around the emotions you experience when reflecting on love once lost. 

Rivita delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that echoes the passionate energy that features through the full duration of this single. 

The melody behind the song perfectly reflects the beauty & elegance that flows within this gifted artist’s character-filled vocals, which allows listeners to get a real sense of the artist behind the music. 

This song showcases the visionary aspect behind this musician & allows her the chance to present an expressive performance that gives listeners a real taste of what they can expect from her upcoming EP. 

You can check out “Someone Else’s Arms” on Spotify below.

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