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Review: Georgia VanNewkirk Releases The Brand New Single “Blue Velvet”!

Following on from the recent success of her debut track “Wish You Well”. Georgia VanNewkirk has released the brand new single titled “Blue Velvet”!

This latest release features the sound of piano keys and bass thumps to help create a dream-like state of euphoria that perfectly reflects the emotions of falling in love.

In this song, Georgia sings about getting lost in blue velvet, which is a metaphor for the emotive journey we undertake when we meet someone who might end up being the one.

Georgia delivers a heartfelt vocal performance that allows the delicate undertones behind her sublime voice to take centre stage & guide you through a sense of wanderlust.

The song perfectly captures the purity behind this gifted artist’s vocals & allows the characteristic elements behind it to add a heartfelt touch that captures your instant attention.

You can check out “Blue Velvet” on Spotify below.

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