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Review: Roniit Releases The Official Video For “Fade To Blue”!

Independent songwriter, visual artist, and vocalist, Roniit has released the official video for her latest single “Fade To Blue”!

In her latest single, Roniit elevates her mysterious pop sound and brings her own signature production to deliver a track designed to heal others who have poured energy into someone else when what they really needed was themselves.

This single highlights a more vulnerable side behind Roniit that we have not seen before within her music.

The single was written after a relationship quickly ended after a night of being together with Roniit feeling abandoned by her lover.

Speaking about her latest video release, Roniit said: “I recorded the moment he said he’d never want to be with me. I shot footage for the music video in his empty guest room the night he told me that. This song is me taking my most intense emotions, and turning it into art in the purest form; nothing is fabricated.”

This latest single was produced by Roniit, along with shotting (alongside Shelby Parks) & editing the music video as well.

I believe that the official video symbolises the haunting & heartbreaking undertone behind the lyrics of the song, which help’s you feel a heartfelt connection with the song from the first listen.

The emotive essence behind this gifted musician’s voice takes centre stage throughout the full duration of this single & showcases her creativity as an artist.

You can check out the official video below.

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