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Review: Peyton List & Cannon Release The Brand New Single “Don’t Cry”!

American actress, model & singer Peyton List has released her brand new single titled “Don’t Cry” alongside musical artist Cannon!

This electro-pop track focuses on the sense of relief you experience when you are finally over someone who once held a special place within your heart.

The emotive vocal combination that these artists deliver throughout this latest single, help’s to highlight the sassy & passionate elements that both of these talented artists possess.

This is Peyton List’s debut music video and she was really in the driver’s seat for the entire video production process. She directed, produced and conceptualized the creative behind each scene.

The beauty brand TOO FACED, was weaved in throughout Peyton’s music video. It fit the video’s aesthetic and was a great prop for most of the video. 

Peyton is the face of the brand’s “better than sex” eyeliner so the actress and vocalist, naturally incorporated the brand into the video to identify her on-going commitment as their brand ambassador.

The official video highlights the charismatic energy that Peyton possesses & showcases her creativity as an artist.

Overall, I believe that Peyton & Cannon have delivered a fiery performance that delivers the emotive impact that features within the lyrics. I would not be surprised to see this song making huge waves within the music scene very shortly.

You can check out the official video below.

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