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Review: Alli Haber Releases The Official Video For “Alive”!

After recently finishing The Boys Of Summer tour, alongside some of the U.S.’s biggest Vine, TikTok and YouTube stars along with a variety of artists. Upcoming musical sensation Alli Haber has taken the chance to release the official video for her latest single “Alive”!

In her latest music video, Alli is seen exploring every iconic location of her hometown in Boston.

We also see this talented artist performing alongside a band that symbolises her love for music in her favourite city of all.

The single is a mid-tempo catchy pop number that features feel-good energy that will have you dancing along from the very first listen!

I believe that this single highlights the sweet & delicate elements behind Alli’s charming voice, which gives the artist the chance to deliver a dazzling performance that showcases her incredible musical talent.

This gifted artist has a very bright musical career ahead of her & I know that it won’t be long before we see Alli making an impact on the current music scene.

You can check out the official video on YouTube below.

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