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Review: Ava Max Releases The Brand New Single “Torn”!

Pop music sensation Ava Max has wowed audiences with such musical gems as “My Way”, “Sweet But Pyscho” & “So Am I”, & now she is back with the brand new single “Torn”!

With the recent releases of “Freaking Me Out”, “Blood, Sweat & Tears” & her collaboration alongside Aj Mitchell “Slow Dance”. Ava has been taking the music scene by storm.

Now, this talented artist has brought us this disco-infused track that focuses on the emotions you experience when you are conflicted by how you feel within a relationship.

Ava has delivered an emotive performance that perfectly displays the heartfelt struggle of learning the difference between love & hate.

The way that Ava has used the sentimental nature behind her passionate vocals to bring out the emotion behind the lyrics is a true statement to her musical talent.

Overall, I believe that Ava has once again delivered another incredibly catchy single that showcases the charismatic quality behind her distinctive musical talent. I would not be surprised to see this song making huge waves within the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Torn” on Spotify below.

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