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Review: Mel Senese Releases The Brand New Single “Goodbye”!

Born & raised in Chicago, Mel Senese is an upcoming musician who brings a fresh take into the music world with her soulful rock style that is infused with flashes of pop & alternative sound.

After the recent release of her debut single “Prey” back in February, Mel is back with a brand new single titled “Goodbye”.

Speaking about her latest release, Mel said: “The song “Goodbye” is about saying no to toxicity in your life and realizing your worth.”

This latest release highlights the passionate energy that surrounds Mel’s charismatic voice, which allows this gifted artist the chance to deliver a powerhouse performance that showcases her creative talent as an artist.

I believe that Mel has a bright & exciting musical career ahead of her, & I can’t wait to see what is in store for this incredible artist!

You can check out “Goodbye” on Spotify below.

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